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New Customer FAQs: How do I see my site?

Your site is up and running on the web as soon as you get the welcome mail from us.

The address that you should enter in your browser is slightly different for customers that do not have a domain hosted with us compared to customers that have a registered domain hosted with us.

If you don't own a domain
If you are new, chances are you do not yet have a domain.

If you have no domain, your website address is on the form:

"Username" would be the username or ID you used to log into your account.
If you signed up with EchoEchoPlus as "mrbill" your site can be seen at:

If you already have a domain hosted with us
If you have your own domain hosted with us, your site is available on the domain itself.

If you own a domain and want to transfer it to us
If you already hava a domain hosted elsewhere, and you want to transfer it, so you can use it for your hosting with EchoEchoPlus, you should send us an email with the domain name and we'll reply with detailed instructions.

If you want to register a domain
If you want to register a domain you can do it through Echo2.Com (less than $10/year).

When the domain is up and running we'll just point it to the initial folder with the "" address (more details on the following pages).

Last update: 19.09.2012, 08:16
Author: EchoEcho Support

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