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E-Mail: Trouble shooting: Quota errors
Your hosting account comes with a limited amount of webspace. If you're using all of this space, new mails can't be saved for your account, cause there's no space left for the new mails.

You can login to the site owner panel and see how much space is used on your account. If you're beyond the limit, you may not be able to delete mails, as that would temporarilly require space that you don't have. If so, please send us an email and we'll add to the quota so you can login to the account again and clean up.

Another reason for "mail quota" errors would be that you have set a quota limit for the mailbox.
When you create mail accounts from the site owner panel, the default option is to limit each mail account to 20MB. If a mailbox goes beyond this limit, it will not be able to receive new mail till the limit is raised.

Login to the site owner panel and click "MAILBOXES/USERS" to change the settings for the account(s) that have this problem.
If you set the quota to 0 (zero) the mailbox will only be limited by the limitations for the hosting account.

Last update: 12.07.2009, 20:59
Author: EchoEcho Support

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