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<article id="39">
	<category>Forwarding Mail</category>
	<theme>How do I forward mail?</theme>
xmlns="">You can forward mails with the
site owner panel.

1: Click &quot;ALIASES / DELIVERY&quot; in the left menu.

2: Click the &quot;Add an alias&quot; button.

3: Enter the alias at the top.
- If you want to forward to, you&#039;d
enter elvis as alias - (not

4: Enter the forward target
- If you want to forward the mail to a user account on your
domains own
server, you can select the user from the &quot;Forward
To:&quot; list.
- If you want to forward the mail to a user on a remote
server you should
enter one or more addresses in the &quot;Forward To (outside
of domain;
comma-delimitated):&quot; field.

5: Click &quot;Add Alias&quot;

That&#039;s it!</content>
	<author>EchoEcho Support</author>
	<date>12.07.2009, 21:03</date>

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