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<article id="48">
	<category>Scripting Languages</category>
	<theme>File permissions - chmod</theme>
xmlns="">If you upload scripts to your
hosting account you need to
make sure the
files are set with the correct permissions or the web server
will not
execute them properly.

File permissions are controlled with the <b>chmod</b>
command on Linux

The chmod command can be launched from most FTP programs, or
from the
FileManager in the site owner panel or from a direct command
login to the
server via Telnet or SSH.

You can assign rights to: 
1: the file owner 
2: the group  
3: the world

Each of these three can have Read, Write and Execute
permissions. In
general you should never assign Write permissions to
&quot;the world&quot;.
If you do so - the Apache webserver will refuse to execute
the file cause
it&#039;d be a huge security hole.

The three permissions are set with digits (for example 755)
or letters (for
example -rwxr-xr-x).
The first digit is the file owners permissions. The next is
the groups
permissions and the last is &quot;the worlds&quot;

Below is a listing of the most typical numeric settings
(charcter settings
are explained further down):

<span style="color: blue;">chmod 600
You can read and write; the world can&#039;t. Good for

<span style="color: blue;">chmod 700
You can read, write, and execute; the world can&#039;t.

<span style="color: blue;">chmod 644
You can read and write; the world can only read. Good for
html and php

<span style="color: blue;">chmod 755
You can read, write, and execute; the world can read and
execute. Good for
perl scripts.

<b>Change file permissions with letters:</b>

u = user (you)
g = group
a = everyone

r = read
w = write
x = execute

<span style="color: blue;">chmod u+rw
Give yourself read and write permission

<span style="color: blue;">chmod u+x
Give yourself execute permission.

<span style="color: blue;">chmod a+rw
Give read and write permission to everyone.</content>
	<author>EchoEcho Support</author>
	<date>12.07.2009, 21:13</date>

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