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<article id="64">
	<theme>Mail Hi-Jacking FAQ</theme>
xmlns="">The term &quot;Mail
Hi-Jacking&quot; is used when a spammer
sends out
thousands of mails with a faked &quot;sender&quot;.

Anyone can enter anything in the &quot;sender&quot; field.
There&#039;s no way that you can avoid that a spammer claims
to be sending
mails from your domain.

Spammers do this to escape filters set up by some of the
major mail
services on the net, like Hotmail.

These service have detectors that will notice if the same
mail address is
sending hundreds of mails in a limited amount of time.

Therefore, spammers are looking for domains that have a
&quot;catch-all&quot; alias - that is, everything at that
domain (eg. will resolve as a valid email address.

The only way to avoid this is to remove the
&quot;catch-all&quot; mail
alias from the domain.

When you remove it, the mail filters won&#039;t be able to
resolve the
&quot;sender&quot; field to a valid address, and the mail
will be blocked.
Therefore, spammers will stop hi-jacking your domain as soon
as the
&quot;catch-all&quot; alias is removed.</content>
	<author>EchoEcho Support</author>
	<date>12.07.2009, 20:59</date>

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