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<article id="81">
	<theme>Trouble shooting: Quota
xmlns="">Your hosting account comes
with a limited amount of
webspace. If
you&#039;re using all of this space, new mails can&#039;t be
saved for your
account, cause there&#039;s no space left for the new

You can login to the site owner panel and see how much space
is used on
your account. If you&#039;re beyond the limit, you may not
be able to
delete mails, as that would temporarilly require space that
you don&#039;t
have. If so, please send us an email and we&#039;ll add to
the quota so you
can login to the account again and clean up.

Another reason for &quot;mail quota&quot; errors would be
that you have set
a quota limit for the mailbox.
When you create mail accounts from the site owner panel, the
default option
is to limit each mail account to 20MB. If a mailbox goes
beyond this limit,
it will not be able to receive new mail till the limit is

Login to the site owner panel and click
&quot;MAILBOXES/USERS&quot; to
change the settings for the account(s) that have this
If you set the quota to 0 (zero) the mailbox will only be
limited by the
limitations for the hosting account.</content>
	<author>EchoEcho Support</author>
	<date>12.07.2009, 20:59</date>

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